Sunday, February 22, 2009

My day. My way.

So many faces, they look at me,
Now I can read the expressions,
Now, after all this time, I can see,
Them brim with with expectation.

I know this is a new phase now,
And there is a different beauty,
And I see it though I don't know how,
I can see it though I'm not so free.

I'm unsure how much my shoulders will bear,
I'm unsure how much I will strain,
But suddenly now I've begun to care,
For a trace of a smile, no matter frail.

It's all so different now,
And I'm not even sure how I feel,
Events will turn though I don't know how,
And I cease to be free.

But still there is pleasure of a sort,
Or am I just trying to cheat me?
I cannot tell my way in the dark,
Yet I feel I can see.

And that is what drives me on,
And that is how I face the day,
And that is why I'm ready for the dawn,
And and pick my shaky way.