Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dear Ma

I wrote this long-long ago and it was lying in my drafts. In fact, it's time now to write a sequel to this. Still, I thought I'll put it up:

Dear Ma,

I want to write this once,

Just once and it will be end,

Of gossip stories – so many by the ounce.

I thought I was your friend,

I thought I knew you well,

I thought you will stand,

By me as I fell.

But I know there is another side,

The other side of you,

That went through pain like hell,

I have taken cue.

But there did come a time,

When I was about to become,

A big girl, and marry,

which was no big crime.

But you suddenly changed,

And went the opposite way,

And I was suddenly framed,

As dirty as wet clay.

He was the one you chose,

As I promised it would be that way,

Yet like my enemy you rose,

Much to my dismay.

Now some time has passed,

And my anger is wearing away,

I think I’ve healed very fast,

Exactly as you may.

I still love you Ma,

Love you like never before,

I still love you Ma,

Love you like never before.

And that I realise,

Is because I have decided that’s how it is,

I’ve decided, and that’s final,

And that won’t go amiss.