Thursday, January 29, 2009


And now I pour my heart,
For all I have is words,
So many from the past,
I do not have to search.

The tears they now flow free,
The tears - flood me,
Just come down like a mound,
Bringing down with it me.

I was a strong girl once,
Twas something of a pride,
Now for no apparent reason,
Tears well up in my eyes.

And all I have now,
Are just empty empty words,
Once they meant a lot,
Some smiles and a dash of dirt.

They come pouring out of me,
Like the tears from my eyes,
Free flowing words and water,
But where to go from there?

Orphaned, unclaimed, they stay,
To stagnate and and be forgot,
Expect to go as quite as they came,
But leave a messy blotch.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Wait...

As I wait for a message from you,
I think of the past when  time just flew.
And now the rigid minutes,
Rock solid.

As if they were to say,
That they will hold the day,
Until my phone tells me,
That you are on your way.

Although the reason sounds genuine,
Its my monkey mind,
I wonder whats keeping you,
Trailing so far behind.

Events that have just passed,
Add colour to my thoughts,
I worry my unstable mind over,
The next bridge I am to cross.

I've never been this scared before,
And I'm not a nervous wreck,
Just, my past has taught me,
Lessons I'll never forget.

But I still wait for you,
I know that you will come,
Something's given me cue,
Of the rising sun.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Silly thoughts...

I crept out of bed,
Dead in the middle of the night
Just one thought in my head,
Just one vision holding my sight.

There was this cupboard at home,
A 'meat safe' it was called,
And my oh my it had borne,
The best food that I can think of.

So this night it was a chocolate wafer,
That came to me in my dream,
And that was a juicy offer,
More true than it could seem.

I tip toe in the sleeping house,
Under the night bulb fighting dark,
I can work quite as a mouse,
And will be done in a spark.

In the dark the meat safe stands,
Throwing an admirable silhoutte,
Like a beach with golden sands,
And on my mission I'm all set.

I'm in the midst of a killer life,
And thats why I steal by night,
I'm on a pathetic diet,
And on my way to becoming light.

So I open the safe with trembling hands,
To be transported to cookie land,
I bend and reach out to the jar,
But oh my! I'm terribly far!

It seems like I have a battle,
Before I reach my pot of treasure,
So I prepare for war- horse and saddle,
Ready to take on adventure.

Wonder who my enemy was?
A reptile particularly unlucky with beauty,
In complete violation of nature's laws,
Sat there guarding my booty.

Ugly eyes blink at me,
No fear, valiant warrior,
Enough courage to make me freeze,
That unsightly large lizard!

Well now thats his home,
And he does not move,
My legal skills I'm soon to hone,
And that battle I will not lose.

I sit preparing for an eviction proceeding,
The first of such in history,
My resolve ever increasing,
Against the lizard- to rise in victory.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Still New?

Right! So the new year came, and is still fairly new to warrant the term. Neither did I die nor go into deep slumber in the last few months that I have not been actively blogging. Its also not the lack of inspiring subjects to write on nor the absence of those who inspire me to write.

That clarified, my fortune on Orkut reads some what as such : "Its better to fight and lose rather than not fight at all. " Theoretically, I'm a subscriber to the view and a proud one at that. But all this optimism is too blinding at times.

When my morale took a plunge for the infinity plus infinity th time last week, I came up with a piece of rhyme, I revelled in. But on hind sight, I thought it was too cynical a post to begin the year with, and hence it was trashed.

I was at a temple yesterday, where Andal Kalyanam was performed. Offerings had overflowed, and the sweets that caught my attention were a part of that excess. My reflex thought was about how I could I needed to use no stealth in polishing off that unattended temptation. And I wanted to write.

The other day, I was executing for the umpteenth time of my life a weight loss plan. I happened to notice enthusiastic joggers on the newly built flyover on G.N.Chetty Road. Amused, I decided to blog. That never happened.

I don't know if its coincidental that what I plan never happens and what happen's is usually what I've never planned. But its rather disturbing. So this year, I'm deciding to be open, not expect my plans to work, and still enjoy what eventually works. The decision is like my orkut fortune. And lets see how far I get!