Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dear Almost-dead-blog:

Dear Almost-dead-blog:


My fingers have been itching to post something in here. Ever since I got married. Phew!!!finally!! It was not that difficult. Pretty matter of fact ain't it? Everyone gets married. And so did I.

My thoughts are still hazy. But my emotions are not. And I will let them flow. I won't keep them bottled any more.

Suddenly I feel disjoint,
I feel scattered up in pieces,
Some parts fresh, and some foiled,
I'm finally out of recess.

I don't want to pick up my past,
I will just let it be,
I knew those days would never last,
And sometime I will break free.

And now the time has come,
And you have given me your hand,
With you, I've made my run,
To embark upon your sands.

And you welcome me with warmth,
And that I did not own before,
Suddenly I am swarmed,
And you begin to heal my sores.

It is for this I have waited,
Waited for ever now,
For the winds I have waited,
To come and teach me love.

And though I feel disjoint,
I feel I am born,
And now I find the point,
That I have missed this long.

And you take me in your arms,
And we prepare to fly,
I want to break into a dance,
I love to be your wife.